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Go Atlanta and Beyond,Aurora Borealis, Icleland

Mettina van der Veen

I’ve been thinking about what Outdoorlicious! Christmas gift I would like to receive this year. There are so many things I would like to do and places I would like to visit that it is always difficult to choose just one. At the top of my list, however, is to experience the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights. I’ve seen amazing images of these colorful, dancing celestial lights and know that this is a natural wonder of the world that, while making for a great photograph, must be witnessed first-hand to understand their true beauty and wonder.

Go Atlanta and Beyond, Iceland aurora borealis, Mettina van der Veen

Mettina van der Veen

I have been a southern transplant long enough to know that I am no longer a cold weather person. Prior to my southern life, I skied, skated, and sledded my way through winter and enjoyed the fun. Post southern transplantation, however, I, without any conscious decision, gave all that up. Now, when I venture to a cold weather climate, my mind entertains visions of blazing fires inside and cozy restaurants serving comfort food.

All this is to say that it surprises even me to reveal that my Christmas wish list includes an outdoor adventure to a frigid climate. There it is. Yes, please! Bundle me up and take me to the Yukon, Norway, or Iceland and into the black wilderness to view the amazing wonder of the Northern Lights. And, while I may comment on the temperature, I will not complain. I will be too speechless to say much of anything other than, “Wow”, “Ooh”, and “Ah”.

Go Atlanta and Beyond, Iceland aurora borealis, Mettina van der Veen

Mettina van der Veen

If you are interested in a Northern Lights adventure vacation, start your trip planning here:

To see more of Mettina’s artful images, visit:

I hope you receive the Outdoorlicious! gift of your dreams.

Happy Holidays…

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