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hotel pulitzer roof top terrace, outdoor living,rooftop terrace

Hotel Pulitzer, Barcelona

I had the pleasure of staying at the Hotel Pulitzer in Barcelona last week. One of the reasons I selected this hotel was because the images I viewed online when making my hotel selection indicated that they have a rooftop terrace. The beautiful design of the hotel and superb location were nearly enough to make me commit but it was the rooftop terrace that convinced me to click the RESERVE button. Now that I have returned and had the great pleasure of staying at this lovely hotel, I can add that the staff is friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable, as well.

hotel pulitzer,outdoor living,rooftop bar,rooftop terrace

The rooftop terrace included a mixture of comfortable seating and dining and, of course, a bar. Cushions and throw pillows covered in familiar Sunbrella fabrics made me feel right at home in this foreign city far from my home.

hotel pulitzer rooftop terrace,outdoor living,rooftop terrace,hotel pulitzer

Late in the afternoon when we were weary of being tourists, it was a quiet refuge in which to relax and read in order to rejuvenate before another walk through the city and our evening meal. In fact, no one else was using the space while we were there and we felt like we had our own private patio. Needless to say, being the outdoor living aficionado that I am,  I was eager to return the next afternoon, as well.

hotel pulitzer rooftop terrace, rooftop terrace,outdoor living

Hotel Pulitzer, Barcelona

Big cities are noisy and frenetic, and no matter how well planned they are to include trees, parks, and other greenery, having an oasis such as a rooftop terrace is a big plus.  Above street level, with views out over the buildings, a rooftop terrace provides the sense of being connected with the city but also being removed from its pace. While no one can compare it to the quiet of the country, being above the street noise does remove the otherwise ever-present awareness of being in a big city, which, at times, is exactly what is needed to unwind and recharge.

outdoor living,rooftop terrace,barcelona hotel,hotel pulitzer

Hotel Pulitzer, Barcelona

I will remember to look for the images of the rooftop outdoor living space the next time I search for an inner city hotel. A quiet place to rejuvenate providing a breath of air and, perhaps solitude, is sure to make my list of top requirements in the future.

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