Outdoor Table Height

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Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest one of all? You could substitute the words which and table for who and you would have the conundrum many people face when shopping for outdoor tables. Yes, you want a coffee table (or dining table) but do you want a coffee height coffee table or a conversation, or chat, height table? Do you want a dining table, a counter height table, or a bar height table? Why are there so many heights and which one to buy?

What’s the purpose of a chat, or conversation height . . . → Read More: Outdoor Table Height

Haute Looks in Outdoor Furniture


While many of us think “old world” when we think of Europe, in the area of furniture and design, Europeans seem to look more to the future than the past. So much of contemporary furniture has its origin in Europe. Why is it that Europeans seem to embrace this newness quicker than we do in America?


For the past several years, a few outdoor furniture manufacturers have begun to introduce styles that are more contemporary. Living in a region of the country like the South, where a new version of a ball and claw foot is . . . → Read More: Haute Looks in Outdoor Furniture

Recliners Go Outside

Summer Classics “Yacht”

Outdoor furniture may be formal or casual, matched or not, new or old. However, one thing that everyone must include in their outdoor room is a comfortable spot conducive to napping. What’s the point of creating an outdoor room of any kind if you can’t find a spot for a nap?

While your spot could be a secluded hammock, a long sofa, or perhaps a decadent chaise lounge, have you ever considered an outdoor recliner? The ability to recline the back and put your feet up is very appealing. Just look at how many American households . . . → Read More: Recliners Go Outside

Shopping For Outdoor Furniture

Summer Classics

Outdoor living is a big trend and it seems that outdoor furniture can be found nearly everywhere you shop. But, really, selling outdoor furniture is a specialty and encompasses a great deal more than simply labeling something as “outdoor.” I have often heard people describe the process of shopping for outdoor furniture as difficult. But, trust me; selecting furniture for your outdoor room does not have to be challenging or complicated.

Summer Classic

Sure you do have to take into account factors that you don’t have to consider when purchasing indoor furniture. Fortunately, there are competent . . . → Read More: Shopping For Outdoor Furniture

Artistic Outdoor Furnitue Designs

Victor M. Aleman “Loopita” Chaise

There’s so much fabulous looking outdoor furniture on the market today. It’s amazing how versatile the selection is when choosing furniture for your patio, porch, or deck.

There’s furniture made of metal and recycled plastic that look like wood.

Summer Classics “Croquet”

Seaside Casuals “Nantucket”

Man-made table tops that look like stone.

Summer Classics “Faux Stone”

Tropitone “Palazzo”

Resin weave that looks like cane.

Summer Classics “Kipling”

Resin and loomed products that look like wicker.

Summer Classics “Rustic”

Lloyd Flanders “Nantucket”

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