Inflatable Outdoor Furniture from Pigro Felice

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Pigro Felice

Time spent relaxing outside should evoke thoughts of laziness and, having spent those lazy hours doing little more than nothing, one should experience a feeling of happiness. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that the name Pigro Felice was chosen as the name for a line of pool furniture. In Italian, pigro felice means lazy and happy.

Pigro Felice

Trendy, stylish and innovative describe the Pigro Felice line of inflatable, modular outdoor furniture which does double duty as both patio furniture and pool (as in, in-the-pool) furniture. Used separately, the furniture pieces are lounging furniture such as . . . → Read More: Inflatable Outdoor Furniture from Pigro Felice

5 Best Chaise Lounges for Summer Relaxing

Chaise Longue…That’s the way the French say it. Literally, it means long chair. We took the chaise part and changed the longue into lounge and voilà! English speakers call this comfy piece of furniture upon which we recline with our feet propped up, a chaise lounge. I wonder if the French “longue” was simply misspelled as it was translated and that’s how it became lounge? No matter. The term “lounge” in association with this piece of furniture is apt for that is exactly the point of a chaise lounge—relaxation and, perhaps to sleep.

Pottery Barn

As we kick . . . → Read More: 5 Best Chaise Lounges for Summer Relaxing

Chillin’ By the Pool

Today, it seems that every hotel has a pool – it’s something that travelers expect, especially if the hotel location is sunny and warm. Creating an OUTDOORLICIOUS! pool area that exudes style and beckons even the non-swimmer has often become the one thing that sways a traveler to one property over another. This is just such a place.

If I checked in here, I would look out my window, see these cute little cabanas and make a beeline the first chance I had. Cocktails at the end of a busy day (after any stray children had . . . → Read More: Chillin’ By the Pool