The Chat Group

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Atlanta Homes

What, exactly is a chat group? How is it different from a seating group? The term “seating group” and “dining group” have historically been used to distinguish between two types of outdoor furniture arrangements each of which serve different functions: conversational seating and dining. So, where does the chat group fit in?

Atlanta Homes

A chat group would certainly be included in the broader term seating group, but focuses a little more on the type of furniture contained within the group. A chat group differs from the seating group as having four or more chairs placed . . . → Read More: The Chat Group

The Coffee Table in the Outdoor Room

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House of Turquoise

Let’s talk coffee—or, at least, coffee tables. Outdoor coffee table, to be specific. Yes or no? While most people wouldn’t think of placing a sofa inside their home without adding a coffee table in front of it, many people opt not to include one in the outside patio furniture grouping. It something I find quite interesting since our goal is to create an outdoor room that feels like an indoor room and a coffee table not only helps to anchor the seating group but its functionality is self-evident.

Most outdoor furniture sets offer a . . . → Read More: The Coffee Table in the Outdoor Room

Build it and They Will Come

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I am one who always likes to keep my design options open. I have always enjoyed arranging and rearranging a room and never tire of moving furniture and accessories around as I “play”. I can do this for hours and thoroughly enjoy myself the entire time. It’s that interior design gene…

So, it surprises me that I am such a big fan of built-in furniture. Attaching furniture to something appeals to me; perhaps it represents grounding and permanency. Inside the home I love built in window seats and dining room banquettes. Outside, I am drawn to a large . . . → Read More: Build it and They Will Come

City Chic: Rooftop Rooms

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Home Design

I am intrigued by outdoor living in the city. Life among the hard concrete, tall buildings, and throngs of people isn’t for everyone but even for those who do consider themselves “city” people, the need to escape the noise and congestion and find a way to truly be alone outside presents a mystery unless one has access to a rooftop terrace.

Architectural Digest

While it is true that the noise is never completely obscured by a lack of people and vehicles, and the wind can be an issue the higher your real estate, a green . . . → Read More: City Chic: Rooftop Rooms

Creating Tuscan Style in Your Backyard

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Living the good life in Italy…quaint farm houses, rolling terrain dotted with vineyards, bright sunny days, deliciously fresh and simple food, lazy afternoons on the patio. Who doesn’t dream of such a life? While a trip to Italy’s Tuscany region is one of the most popular destinations American’s choose when vacationing out of this country, it is not necessary to leave it all behind upon returning home to reality.

This Old House

Many people redesign their home’s interior to reflect this special place; Tuscan style kitchens have been popular for years. An easy way (and natural place) to . . . → Read More: Creating Tuscan Style in Your Backyard