Let There be Light!

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Make it a priority to include lighting in your outdoor room when planning your deck, patio, porch, or pool area. In addition to being able to see in the dark, you will want to illuminate and highlight your new outdoor living room. Extending the hours in which your outdoor room can be used increases your enjoyment and provides additional value to your home.


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Consider adding lighting that is hard-wired, such as wall fixtures, ceiling-attached chandeliers, and ground lighting. In addition, make sure you plan for portable lighting such as table and floor lamps, . . . → Read More: Let There be Light!

Island Style

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Ralph Lauren

For many, the idea of a vacation conjures images of palm trees, sand, and plenty of sunshine. An island in the middle of a deep blue sea is the dream destination for many landlocked and reality-bound people who spend most of the year waiting for their two weeks of idyllic bliss.

What can you do to enjoy that resort-like environment more frequently? The answer is easy. Plan your outdoor living room to reflect your favorite dream destination. Call in professional help if necessary, but stop denying yourself the opportunity to relax, rejuvenate, and have fun on a . . . → Read More: Island Style

Enter the World of the Super Yacht

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There are many things that separate the lives of most of us from those of the rich and famous. And then there is something that separates the lives of the rich and famous from those of the super-rich: the super yacht.

Very expensive, privately owned, and professionally-crewed, the super yacht is the classification given to those yachts from about 120’ to 200’. Above 200’, they are called mega-yachts and above 300’, they have been referred to as giga-yachts.

Life aboard a super yacht is full of fun, pampering, and outdoor living. Fun in the sun . . . → Read More: Enter the World of the Super Yacht

The Chat Group

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What, exactly is a chat group? How is it different from a seating group? The term “seating group” and “dining group” have historically been used to distinguish between two types of outdoor furniture arrangements each of which serve different functions: conversational seating and dining. So, where does the chat group fit in?

Atlanta Homes

A chat group would certainly be included in the broader term seating group, but focuses a little more on the type of furniture contained within the group. A chat group differs from the seating group as having four or more chairs placed . . . → Read More: The Chat Group

Outdoor Living Takes Flight

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How important is outdoor living in our lives? I’d say it is pretty darn important when you begin to see major airports around the globe add outdoor spaces for their customers. And, why not? With flight delays and the increasing amount of time one must spend in the airport, providing an outdoor area for stressed out, antsy customers may help calm them down and make them happier once they board that over-booked and crowded flight.

Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines

Delta led the way at New York’s JFK, with its first very nicely appointed Sky Deck. . . . → Read More: Outdoor Living Takes Flight