The Culture of Outdoor Living

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What is your definition of outdoor living? Do you define it in the sense of creating and enjoying an outdoor living room, dining room, or play room? Or, do you consider anything that you do outside to be included in the scope of outdoor living? Neither is right…or wrong. It is a personal definition that relates to how you live and what you enjoy.

Today, the term outdoor living has been adopted by the outdoor furniture industry to describe the art of living one’s life at home both inside and outside, with nearly equal emphasis placed on each. . . . → Read More: The Culture of Outdoor Living

We Love Eating Outside

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Today’s topic is taken from the pages of Furniture Today, a trade publication that is read by nearly everyone in the furniture industry. The title says it all but it doesn’t say anything new to those of us in the casual, aka outdoor, furniture industry.

Furniture Today, with sister publication Casual Living, conducted a survey in 2014 among Apartment Therapy readers. The results are heart-warming: outdoor dining is popular and continues to be on a trajectory path. According to the survey, “more than seven out of ten consumers own an outdoor dining set”, twenty-one percent “plan to . . . → Read More: We Love Eating Outside

The Tea Cart

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Tea cart…serving cart…bar cart…Whatever you call it, it is a handy thing to have in your outdoor dining room.

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No matter how large your table is, there is never enough room to accommodate all of the food and beverages. A piece of furniture dedicated to this purpose makes entertaining easier.


Use it for the main dishes after serving, water pitcher, desserts, or as a bar with bottles and glasses. The possibilities are endless.


When not in use as a serving piece, the tabletop surface is an ideal place for decorative accessories, candles, . . . → Read More: The Tea Cart

The Picnic Table Revisited

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Outdoor furniture is stepping up its game with a new take on the old picnic table set. What used to be a plank-styled redwood or pine picnic table that came with two (often attached) benches, has become a fashion statement and never, ever called a picnic table any more.

Martha Stewart

Better Homes and Gardens

Picnic tables lost their appeal several decades ago as outdoor furniture styles increased in selection and styling. Not content to sit at a table with uncomfortable backless benches—not to mention on something that more than likely would give you splinters—homeowners . . . → Read More: The Picnic Table Revisited

Setting the Outdoor Table

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Dining outside may be considered casual but that doesn’t mean that setting a nice table and providing an appealing tablescape are not important. On the contrary, taking the meal outside is a perfect excuse to try your hand at a more casual style of decorating and perhaps incorporating elements you wouldn’t otherwise use.


While more and more accessories are made to be used outside, it is not necessary to restrict yourself to these items. It’s ok to use pieces that you use inside but why not use them differently? Mix things up—yes, even the . . . → Read More: Setting the Outdoor Table