Fashion Design Goes Outside


Not content with limiting themselves to designing couture and ready-to-wear clothing, fashion designers are adding outdoor furniture to their ever-growing list of accomplishments. The outdoor lifestyle has grown into more than a trend and has become a facet of our homes that we are neither willing to forego nor leave behind should our place of residence change. In a word, outdoor living is fashion and that makes it attractive to famous designers and the large companies with which they are aligned.


Missoni, Fendi, and Louis Vuitton are a few of the major fashion brands that have . . . → Read More: Fashion Design Goes Outside

Outdoorliciously Green

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Growing up in the northeast, St. Patrick’s Day was no small holiday. Irish or not, everyone wore green. Shamrocks in some form or another were everywhere. Corned beef and cabbage was on every menu and beer was, miraculously, green.

Green is such a calm and soothing color (except, perhaps, in beer). Green is the easiest color on the eye. It helps us to breathe deeper and slower and relax our muscles.

Of course, green symbolizes nature and surrounds us in our outdoor living rooms. Even if we don’t . . . → Read More: Outdoorliciously Green

The Soul of New Orleans

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New Orleans style…wrought iron, courtyards, fountains, French influences in architecture, food, and dialect, southern hospitality, people that know how to party, beignets, strong coffee, jambalaya, crawfish, po’ boys and mufalettas. New Orleans style is all this and so much more. New Orleans is one of those cities that has a soul—when you are there, you absolutely know that you are nowhere else in the world.

New Orleans is certainly an OUTDOORLICIOUS! city. As a southern city, New Orleans boasts of a nearly year round climate for outdoor living and events of . . . → Read More: The Soul of New Orleans

Mixin’ It Up for Custom Styling

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Don’t be afraid to mix different styles of furniture in your outdoor living area. I know that most outdoor furniture seems to be sold as sets, but it’s more fun to mix it up a bit. Unless you are purchasing something on a super clearance deal, or from a discount chain store, most stores that specialize in outdoor furniture will let you purchase just the pieces you want. If you can find an eager and knowledgeable sales associate with a flair for decorating, grab them! They will be ecstatic that someone wants to be creative . . . → Read More: Mixin’ It Up for Custom Styling