Let There be Light!

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Make it a priority to include lighting in your outdoor room when planning your deck, patio, porch, or pool area. In addition to being able to see in the dark, you will want to illuminate and highlight your new outdoor living room. Extending the hours in which your outdoor room can be used increases your enjoyment and provides additional value to your home.


Desert Pearl Flowers

Consider adding lighting that is hard-wired, such as wall fixtures, ceiling-attached chandeliers, and ground lighting. In addition, make sure you plan for portable lighting such as table and floor lamps, . . . → Read More: Let There be Light!

Citrus Shades of Green

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Home Design

Green is the color most closely associated with nature: grass, leaves, plants, and moss. In fact, the word green has its roots in the Middle English and Anglo-Saxon word grene, and has the same Germanic root as the words grass and grow. While we do use the term green with envy, and some have noted a correlation between green and evil in Disney movies, for the most part, this color is most associated with life, growth, health, hope, nature, and youthfulness.


Lime green is a particular shade of green that is currently popular in decorating. . . . → Read More: Citrus Shades of Green

A Cool Pool

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Summertime, and the living is easy—especially when you have a pool to keep you cool and refreshed. Another blog about pools? Yes. Yes. And Yes! There are so many outstanding pool designs that I cannot keep up. Pinterest boards, Houzz pages, and Instagram images continually amaze me with the images of gorgeous pools, one more beautiful than another. It is always difficult to choose which one is my favorite, so I will simply share some with you.

Luxury Pools

Marcel Marongiu Architects

Elle Espagna

. . . → Read More: A Cool Pool

10 Things to Help You Chill This Summer


As summer begins, the temperature rises and our thoughts turn to ways of remaining cool outside. Sun-worshiping, fresh-air seeking, and good-time leisure-loving people all over the country are thinking of how best to chill over the next few months.

My list of must-have summertime chill items include the following:


1. Iced Carafe

Place this handy beverage serving container in the freezer for an iced carafe which will keep your drinks chilled without the distaste of a diluted drink.

ProdyneInfusion Pitcher

2. Infusion Pitcher

Keep this pitcher filled with chilled water and fill attached reservoir with sliced . . . → Read More: 10 Things to Help You Chill This Summer

Inflatable Outdoor Furniture from Pigro Felice

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Pigro Felice

Time spent relaxing outside should evoke thoughts of laziness and, having spent those lazy hours doing little more than nothing, one should experience a feeling of happiness. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that the name Pigro Felice was chosen as the name for a line of pool furniture. In Italian, pigro felice means lazy and happy.

Pigro Felice

Trendy, stylish and innovative describe the Pigro Felice line of inflatable, modular outdoor furniture which does double duty as both patio furniture and pool (as in, in-the-pool) furniture. Used separately, the furniture pieces are lounging furniture such as . . . → Read More: Inflatable Outdoor Furniture from Pigro Felice