Dreaming of a New Front Door

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John Rizzuto

I love doors! Those posters, The doors of wherever: Ireland, France, New York City—they have always caught my eye and held my attention. Is it simply the beauty of the door, or am I captivated by what lies beyond? Certainly something wonderful must lie on the other side of those beautifully photographed doors!

Craftsman in Wood

Portella Iron Doors

Pearl River Door Company

William Eubanks Interior Design

Just when I think no door could be more beautiful and is the one I want to grace the front of my dream house, I find . . . → Read More: Dreaming of a New Front Door

Curb Appeal Starts at the Front Door

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The entry to your home is like a calling card. It reflects who lives there and tells the public a little bit about you. Neat or messy, decorated for each holiday or unadorned, this little part of your house is like the magnetic strip on your credit card—it holds information specific to you.

Party Light.biz

Always consider the style and color of your home when planning how to decorate your front entrance. While you may be dying to create an entry that features a purple front door– your favorite color!), it just may not work with your . . . → Read More: Curb Appeal Starts at the Front Door