Dreaming of a New Front Door

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John Rizzuto

I love doors! Those posters, The doors of wherever: Ireland, France, New York City—they have always caught my eye and held my attention. Is it simply the beauty of the door, or am I captivated by what lies beyond? Certainly something wonderful must lie on the other side of those beautifully photographed doors!

Craftsman in Wood

Portella Iron Doors

Pearl River Door Company

William Eubanks Interior Design

Just when I think no door could be more beautiful and is the one I want to grace the front of my dream house, I find . . . → Read More: Dreaming of a New Front Door

Selling Your Home from the Outside In

Southern Living

Selling your home is a process. At some point, everyone who owns one will have to succumb to this mostly undesirable endeavor. Some people move every few year and others, like me, remain in their homes for so long that living in another home seems unimaginable. Ultimately, however, your home will require “sprucing up” to ready it for marketing.

Living in a home often inures us to things that may be seen as issues for the potential buyer. Seeking advice from a professional is a good idea when planning to sell your home. With a professional and . . . → Read More: Selling Your Home from the Outside In