Rooftop Glamping

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How much would you pay for the experience of sleeping outside on the rooftop of a luxury hotel? Or, maybe you wouldn’t consider it even if they were giving it away. Glamping has become the popular style of resort camping. No ordinary tents and campfire cookouts with that you-know-you’ve-been-camping feeling in the morning when your back is aching. Glamping takes the messiness and undesirable qualities of camping off the table.

glamping,outdoor living


Many boutique hotels offer glamping on their rooftops. Outfitted with luxury sheet-fitted beds, fire pits, state-of-the-art telescopes for stargazing, outdoor movie screenings, yurts, and more, you can easily spend $1000 per night for the en plein air privilege.

glamping,outdoor living


So, what do you think? Yay? Exotic and experiential? (Certainly something to talk about at those tedious cocktail parties.) Glamorous and edgy? Or, nay? Too much effort and, no matter how luxurious, uncomfortable and inconvenient? Over rated and childish? Too much money and not enough sense?

glamping,outdoor living


My biggest question is, how far to the bathroom and do I have to share? Once I get past that, I may just consider giving it a try. Does that reservation come with sleeping pills?

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