Summer Decorating with Rope

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Summer Classics

Summer decorating style is often associated with waterside retreats: the lake, the river, or the beach. And one thing that seems to be found in each of those places is rope. Rope from which to hang a swing or hammock; rope by which to pull a boat; rope in which to catch a fish. Rope is handy to have and ready to be called into use—or maybe, simply to be used as a decorative accessory.


Teak Warehouse


Teak Warehouse

So connected is rope to a casual and waterside lifestyle, that some manufacturers . . . → Read More: Summer Decorating with Rope

Island Style

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Ralph Lauren

For many, the idea of a vacation conjures images of palm trees, sand, and plenty of sunshine. An island in the middle of a deep blue sea is the dream destination for many landlocked and reality-bound people who spend most of the year waiting for their two weeks of idyllic bliss.

What can you do to enjoy that resort-like environment more frequently? The answer is easy. Plan your outdoor living room to reflect your favorite dream destination. Call in professional help if necessary, but stop denying yourself the opportunity to relax, rejuvenate, and have fun on a . . . → Read More: Island Style

Citrus Shades of Green

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Home Design

Green is the color most closely associated with nature: grass, leaves, plants, and moss. In fact, the word green has its roots in the Middle English and Anglo-Saxon word grene, and has the same Germanic root as the words grass and grow. While we do use the term green with envy, and some have noted a correlation between green and evil in Disney movies, for the most part, this color is most associated with life, growth, health, hope, nature, and youthfulness.


Lime green is a particular shade of green that is currently popular in decorating. . . . → Read More: Citrus Shades of Green

Enter the World of the Super Yacht

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There are many things that separate the lives of most of us from those of the rich and famous. And then there is something that separates the lives of the rich and famous from those of the super-rich: the super yacht.

Very expensive, privately owned, and professionally-crewed, the super yacht is the classification given to those yachts from about 120’ to 200’. Above 200’, they are called mega-yachts and above 300’, they have been referred to as giga-yachts.

Life aboard a super yacht is full of fun, pampering, and outdoor living. Fun in the sun . . . → Read More: Enter the World of the Super Yacht

A Cool Pool

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Summertime, and the living is easy—especially when you have a pool to keep you cool and refreshed. Another blog about pools? Yes. Yes. And Yes! There are so many outstanding pool designs that I cannot keep up. Pinterest boards, Houzz pages, and Instagram images continually amaze me with the images of gorgeous pools, one more beautiful than another. It is always difficult to choose which one is my favorite, so I will simply share some with you.

Luxury Pools

Marcel Marongiu Architects

Elle Espagna

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