Double D’s Double Decker Coffee Shop

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I spent last week in the mountains of North Carolina, including a day in Asheville. While the residents were complaining about the heat, I was happy to be relieved of the oppressive heat that we have been experiencing in South Carolina all summer. And, while a hot cup of joe was not on my list of wanna-haves, I couldn’t resist stopping at this adorable coffee shop. A bright red English double-decker bus parked in the middle of downtown Asheville serving coffee and food items–how cute! Of course, I had to know if the upper deck was open to customers–it was!

outdoor dining, Double D's coffee and desserts

Outside, concrete tables and curved benches filled in the narrow space between the bus and the exterior wall of the building next to it. Complete with red umbrellas (of course–to match the red bus!), this little business made a big statement.

outdoor dining,outdoorlicious,Double D's coffee and Desserts

The mountain scenery was beautiful, as always, but, really, the red bus coffee house (Double D’s Coffee and Desserts is the real name) was the most Outdooricious! thing I saw all week. outdoorlicious,outdoor living blog,about outdoor living,dottie reynolds, casual living

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