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outdoor furniture,children's outdoor furniture

Kids are people, too. Often, we forget about the little people that live in our homes, expecting them to use everything that is designed for grownups. While we don’t often hear kids complaining about this, it doesn’t mean that we may not be causing grievous injury to their sense of belonging. And, while we may help children adapt to full-scale furniture by using all sorts of props (my family used the New York phone book as a booster seat), there are times when adults would prefer to have their children nearby but not with them. Entertaining outside is often one of these times. Providing outdoor furniture for the children in the family allows them to be included but gives them their own space to eat and play.

The selection of children’s outdoor furniture is small when compared to what is offered to adults. However, there are some manufacturers that include a few items for children in their selections.

outdoor furniture,children's outdoor furniture


Woodard manufactures a sturdy wrought iron table and chair set painted in bright colors. Don’t worry, Mom and Dad, if you want one to match, it is available, too.

outdoor furniture,children's outdoor furniture


French manufacturer Fermob offers some of their classic styles in smaller versions just so the kids don’t feel left out (or, maybe just to keep them off Mom and Dad’s furniture).

outdoor furniture,children's outdoor furniture

Picnic tables seem to only be used by families with children, so it is natural to market to this diminutive demographic. Typically assembled into one piece, it’s impossible to lose a chair and easy to move wherever needed.

outdoor furniture,children's outdoor furniture


Adirondack chairs are as popular with kids as adults with several manufacturers making smaller versions of their most popular styles.

outdoor furniture,children's outdoor furniture

A kid size chaise lounge is probably one of the best ways to get your child to take a nap. Who can resist a quietly sleeping child on their own cute little chaise lounge?

outdoor furniture,children's outdoor furniture

As adults we don’t think about how it must feel to a child to live in a home (their home) yet feel that nothing fits and that doesn’t seem to matter to anyone. I am sure a child psychologist would offer some interesting theories on the lasting impact of such exclusionary messages we send to the little ones in the family.

outdoor furniture,children's outdoor furnitureIn order to protect the health and well-being of your children, it is probably time to consider children’s outdoor furniture at your home. In today’s world, there are already too many intangibles that adversely affect our children that we cannot control. Why add one more?

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