Summer Decorating with Rope

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Summer Classics

Summer decorating style is often associated with waterside retreats: the lake, the river, or the beach. And one thing that seems to be found in each of those places is rope. Rope from which to hang a swing or hammock; rope by which to pull a boat; rope in which to catch a fish. Rope is handy to have and ready to be called into use—or maybe, simply to be used as a decorative accessory.


Teak Warehouse


Teak Warehouse

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Spring Spruce Up with Outdoor Throw Pillows

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Elaine Smith Pillows

The arrival of spring (this Sunday in the northern hemisphere) means sprucing up your outdoor living room. Cleaning is certainly on the to-do list (no fun) but adding something new to the mix (fun) should also be on that list.

Throw pillows are one of the easiest and most cost effective accessories that can be added to achieve your goal. There are so many outdoor throw pillow options to choose from…

Solids, stripes, and polka dots…

Magnolia Casual


Elaine Smith Pillows

Geometrics and wovens…

Elaine Smith Pillows


Casual Living

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Throw One On

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Glen Raven

When it comes to making products for the outdoor room which are able to withstand the weather, the sky is the limit. Furniture, lamps, rugs, art work, accessories, candles, and, now, throws have found a niche in the outdoor market.

Kandrac_Kole and Glen Raven Mills

Textillery Weavers, long a producer of fine quality hand-woven throws used inside the home, has partnered with Glen Raven Mills to offer outdoor throws using Sunbrella yarns. Known for its resistance to fading and easy cleaning, Sunbrella fabric is the uber-outdoor fabric with nearly bullet-proof qualities.

Glen Raven

Using Sunbrella . . . → Read More: Throw One On

The Girl’s Guide to BTU’s

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What’s the big deal with a BTU? What is it about these three little letters that get your guy excited and on a mission to find the biggest BTU’s so that he can out BTU his friends? Heck, what is a BTU?


BTU stands for British thermal unit and measures the amount of work necessary to raise the temperature of 1 lb. of water by 1 degree Fahrenheit. As a visual reference, imagine one 4” wooden kitchen match burning until totally consumed—that is approximately 1 BTU. Now, imagine 50,000 of them and you get the picture.

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The Serving Cart

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Hosting an event at your home in the fall means that you will be entertaining outside. With beautiful weather, everyone is eager to spend as much time outside before the cold arrives. And then, there’s college football. Televisions included in outdoor rooms and fans eager to watch every minute of their team’s season, means at-home parties will be rampant for the next couple of months.

An important accessory item in your outdoor furniture mix is the serving cart. Also known as a tea cart and a bar cart (I know which group I’d rather hang out with), . . . → Read More: The Serving Cart