All I Want for Christmas

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My Christmas wish list this year is very simple in terms of quantity yet very difficult in terms of being fulfilled. But, here goes…

My one teeny, weeny desire this year is for peace and harmony, understanding, and compatibility. I would like to experience, once again, the carefree world that I used to inhabit where going to a movie, a mall, a house of worship, attending a party, driving along the road, taking a walk, flying in an airplane, sitting in a restaurant, or traveling to a big city or foreign country didn’t make me think about the . . . → Read More: All I Want for Christmas

A Week Not to be Forgotten

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Outdoor living has been severely curtailed the past few days here in South Carolina, as well in most of the states on the east coast of the United States. Having gone through a disaster which has been described by meteorologists as a 1000-year storm, although the sun is shining, few of us are thinking about relaxing outside and enjoying the good life. In fact, after the devastation that the rain has wrought on the state of South Carolina, most of our population is simply thinking survival. By now, you have seen the images and heard the news of the . . . → Read More: A Week Not to be Forgotten