Going Green

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Just because you enjoy outdoor living doesn’t necessarily mean that you are interested in going green in your habits. However, I would bet that a good many outdoor living enthusiasts do have concerns about the environment and the future of our planet. I would also make a wager that a substantial number of people who enjoy outdoor living also enjoy looking at a nice landscape surrounding their outdoor room. Nobody wants to sit on a deck or patio without some ambience surrounding them. Nor do they desire to view plants that are puny, sickly, or in the . . . → Read More: Going Green


Dreaming of a Springtime Garden


It is never too early to begin planning your garden for the season. As soon as the rush of the holidays is over and the dust has begun to settle on the new year, I like to sit down with the garden catalogs that have been accumulating and start dreaming of my own flower-filled patch of heaven on earth.

Garden Artisans.com

Gardening takes time and careful planning. Taking inventory of existing plants, what will come back, what will not, what needs to be moved before planting anything else, and what needs a little extra care should be . . . → Read More: Dreaming of a Springtime Garden


Deck the House for All to See. Fa La La La La…

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As we rapidly move from Thanksgiving to Christmas, bows, garlands, wreaths, and lots of lights are being installed into landscapes everywhere. Away with the pumpkins, corn, wheat, pilgrims, squash, and hay and make way for the splendor and wonder of Christmas decorations everywhere that we can think to put them!

And why not? Christmas is a magical time of year when all things seem possible, people seem more cheerful, and the cares of the world fade just a little bit as we indulge in making our homes festive and inviting.

One of the things I love so . . . → Read More: Deck the House for All to See. Fa La La La La…


Fairy Gardens

Fairy Garden Expert

Everytime a child says ‘I don’t believe in fairies there is a little fairy somewhere that falls down dead. James M. Barrie

There’s something to be said for digging in the dirt and planting little plants and watching them grow and thrive. Sometimes, however, gardening can get beyond the limits of your abilities. Do you like to garden but don’t have either the time or, perhaps, the space to pursue it? Whether it’s because you work 60 plus hours a week, live somewhere that either doesn’t have a yard or space to store the . . . → Read More: Fairy Gardens


Pop-Up Parks


There is a phenomenon that has been gaining momentum over the past few years called pop-up parks. The idea is that a park is planned to “pop-up” in a temporary space for a limited amount of time. Typically found in urban areas, pop-up parks usually entail closing a section of the street to cars and buses, adding some outdoor furniture, play equipment, games, and, possibly, some turf, to create an oasis in the hard-top jungle.

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The concept began in New York City when a couple of lanes of Broadway were borrowed for the use of . . . → Read More: Pop-Up Parks