All I Want for Christmas

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My Christmas wish list this year is very simple in terms of quantity yet very difficult in terms of being fulfilled. But, here goes…

My one teeny, weeny desire this year is for peace and harmony, understanding, and compatibility. I would like to experience, once again, the carefree world that I used to inhabit where going to a movie, a mall, a house of worship, attending a party, driving along the road, taking a walk, flying in an airplane, sitting in a restaurant, or traveling to a big city or foreign country didn’t make me think about the . . . → Read More: All I Want for Christmas

Outdoor Holiday Decor

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Don’t forget to decorate outside for the holidays! Adding lights and greens to your home or landscape is cheerful and makes everyone happy.

The Front Entry:

If you don’t decorate any other outdoor area, make sure that your front entrance says Merry Christmas. The front entry is the statement area outside your home and welcomes both those who enter and those who simply pass by. A simple wreath is all that is needed but how much fun to go beyond that and have your hand at creating a seasonal display.


2 home bunch

The . . . → Read More: Outdoor Holiday Decor

Decorating the Entry for Halloween

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It’s all about the front entry when it comes to Halloween. Make it scary, spooky, or frightening–you know, welcoming! (Just don’t leave them up too long.)





Happy Halloween!


. . . → Read More: Decorating the Entry for Halloween

A Memorable 4th of July Menu

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Everything Coastal

This week, everyone’s mind is on Saturday’s 4th of July celebrations. Our national holiday, the 4th of July, or more properly referred to as Independence Day, features a color scheme of red, white, and blue for everything from attire to house decorations and table settings to food.

Whimsically Detailed

Nearly everyone attends a party or picnic where staples like hamburgers and hot dogs are universal favorites. However, with a few new recipes you can make your picnic stand out from the crowd.

Here are my selections for the 4th of July 2015:

First, let’s start . . . → Read More: A Memorable 4th of July Menu

Atlanta Market

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House Beautiful

I just returned from a week spent shopping the Atlanta market for holiday and everyday spring merchandise for the upcoming 2015 seasons. Always a fun trip for me, I have the opportunity to visit friends, catch up with vendors that I see only a few times each year, shop this over-the-top market which features every kind of delightful home decor that you could imagine, and enjoy life in the big city for a few days.

As we sell the last of the 2014 holiday merchandise and pack up what’s left, we are already planning our trees and . . . → Read More: Atlanta Market