Summer Sale

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Summer Sale June 30-July


Cast Aluminum from Paragon Casual

Love Seat, Swivel Lounge Chair, Ottoman, End Table

List: $3511

Our Discounted Price: $2826

Sale: $2260


All-Weather Wicker Sectional from Ratana

4 Piece Sectional, Swivel Glider Lounge Chair, Ottoman featuring a high back and large banana peel weave

List: $10,510

Our Discounted Price: $7074

Sale: $4999


Teak Dining from Royal Teak

7 Piece Dining Set features expansion table and brass hardware Extension . . . → Read More: Summer Sale

A Week Not to be Forgotten

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Outdoor living has been severely curtailed the past few days here in South Carolina, as well in most of the states on the east coast of the United States. Having gone through a disaster which has been described by meteorologists as a 1000-year storm, although the sun is shining, few of us are thinking about relaxing outside and enjoying the good life. In fact, after the devastation that the rain has wrought on the state of South Carolina, most of our population is simply thinking survival. By now, you have seen the images and heard the news of the . . . → Read More: A Week Not to be Forgotten

The First Thanksgiving, Outdoorlicious?

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In my mind’s eye, I picture the first Thanksgiving being held outside with native Americans and recent English immigrants (dressed like Pilgrims) milling around outside on a beautiful, sunny day, with autumn leaves blazing in all their glorious color in the bright sunshine. But, let’s think a moment. Although an exact date for the first Thanksgiving is unknown, it is known that it was celebrated in November of 1621 in what is now part of the state of Massachusetts. Have you ever been to Massachusetts in November? While it can be pleasant outside, it is not normally . . . → Read More: The First Thanksgiving, Outdoorlicious?

Outdoor Weddings

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Weddings Romantique

April showers bring May flowers…followed by June brides. June weddings are popular although some statistics show that July and August have eclipsed June for number of marriages performed. Nonetheless, summer is the busiest season of the year for weddings.

Several ancient reasons may be the reason behind the June wedding: The Roman goddess of marriage, Juno, gave her name to the month most associated with weddings and would bestow prosperity and happiness on the new couple. Annual bathing was typically performed in May or June so brides married at this time would smell fresh—both wonderfully amusing ancient . . . → Read More: Outdoor Weddings

Outdoorlicious! Weekend at the Festival of Trees

Festival of Trees

It seems like advertisers want us all to get into the Christmas spirit early this year. Almost every TV commercial I see has just skipped right over Thanksgiving and honed in on the Christmas shopping season. I love the Christmas season, so I’m not complaining. It gives me a jump start on thinking of how I want to decorate my home for Christmas. There are so many ways to decorate your home to make it festive for the holidays and I love discovering new ways to enhance my holiday décor. If, like me, you’re looking for . . . → Read More: Outdoorlicious! Weekend at the Festival of Trees