Hi, I’m Dottie Reynolds. Although I’m an interior designer by education, I secretly suspect that genetics has also played a hand. I’m almost certain my DNA contains a chromosome that has led to what at times seems like an illness or at the very least a very strong addiction. I actually began my career in interior design at a very young age, constantly rearranging and redecorating my room. So it comes as no surprise that I was thrilled in high school when a course in interior design was offered.  Interior design was easily one of my favorite classes and I was encouraged when my teacher suggested that I pursue it as a major in college. 

My love of interior design, gardening, and discovering new and different ways to enjoy my home’s outdoor spaces inspired me to open Casual Living. Casual living offers casual furniture and accessories for outdoor living enthusiast such as myself.  For me, it’s really exciting to collaborate with other outdoor living fans in the process of transforming an outdoor space from an under-used, forgotten or abandoned area of one’s home into a centerpiece of a new family lifestyle that often incorporates everything you’d expect to find inside a home (including the kitchen sink).  Hearing a client remark that their new outdoor room has become the favorite room “in” their home truly makes my day.

OUTDOORLICIOUS! is the word that came to me when trying to describe how I feel about the phenomenon of outdoor living.  The desire to be outside at some point in our day, whether at home, traveling, or for just a brief respite during a busy workday, reveals the need to embrace this lifestyle at every opportunity.  Please join me in a common interest in the things that make outdoor living OUTDOORLICIOUS 

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  • Hi Dottie,

    I really enjoyed your post (http://outdoorlicious.com/transform-yard-nature-bully-eco-friend/) about promoting eco-friendly practices and ideas.

    I was wondering if you took guest posts because I think some topics that would compliment the above post and benefit your readers would be:
    “The environmental benefits of pool covers”
    “The case for salt water pools”

    • Hi Laurie,
      Thanks for reaching out to me regarding guest posts. I do not take guest posts. I believe that the success of a blog is the fact that readers like the voice of the author. Furthermore, it is not my intent to promote any particular product unless it is something that I endorse personally.

  • Hi!
    I’m following up on an email I sent a few weeks back about guest posting for you. I work for Modernize.com and we’re a new home design, decorating, and remodeling website hoping to expand our audience. We’ve written for some pretty cool sites like The Huffington Post, About.com and Apartment Therapy and I think we can provide some pretty awesome content for your readers.
    Here are a couple examples of recent articles our writers have written:
    8 Ways to Bring Street Art Home – http://interiordec.about.com/od/AphroChic-About-Decor/ss/8-Stunning-Ways-to-Bring-Street-Art-Home.htm?utm_content=buffer76333&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter&utm_campaign=cmsocialposting_aboutmain
    DIY Dining Room Table Ideas – https://www.redfin.com/blog/2015/03/diy-dining-room-table-ideas.html#.VSZ15vnF8Ro
    Let me know if you’re interested and we can get started right away!

  • Hi!

    I came across your website and really enjoyed reading through it. I wanted to see if you were open to guest contributions? I currently work for Modernize.com and we’re looking to contribute to websites and blogs that write about home improvement & home decor.

    Here are a couple examples of recent articles our writers have written:

    Trend to Try: Carpet Tiles – http://modernize.com/home-ideas/8243/pros-cons-carpet-tiles
    Modern Fire-Pit Extravaganza – http://modernize.com/home-ideas/5281/modern-fire-pit-extravaganza

    Let me know if you have a topic in mind and we can get started right away.



  • Ramona,
    I had replied to you in an email but haven’t heard back so I am not sure if you received it.
    I love the concept of rooftop gardens and would be interested in connecting. Send me some ideas or the article that you wrote and we’ll go from there.

  • Hi Brett,
    Send me some information and I would be happy to take a look. I recently wrote a blog on hemp composites for decking boards. Perhaps one on bamboo would be interesting to my readers.
    Thanks for reading.

  • Hi Dottie, I am looking for some feedback on our bamboo decking product and would appreciate the opinion of a designer like yourself.


    Brett L. Kelly

  • Dear Dottie,
    First, thanks for your terrific blog – I come here often to see what you’ve been doing and for design inspiration.

    I recently wrote a blog about rooftop living and was wondering if you ever look for contributors for your blog. Please let me know as I’d love to be part of your content machine!

    Ramona d’Viola

  • Thanks for reading, Joan! Did you read the post on Yoga on the Beach? Someday you and I need to do that!

  • Joan Tarrant

    Thanks for sharing your love of design. Being a part of nature is so restoring for the mind, soul and spirit!
    Thinking of you!

  • Bryan Echols


    I have always loved our discussions on the business and everything in general. I am thrilled that you have an outlet to share those with others.
    The blog has great content and I look forward to the next one!
    Thank you for all your efforts in getting information regarding our industry out to everyone.
    Talk to you soon,

    • Thanks, Bryan! We have many points of view in the industry and must try to understand and fulfill the needs of all our partners. I, too, enjoy our conversations and emails on the myriad of subjects affecting our industry. But, it all boils down to sharing the joy and value of including a comfortable and well-planned outdoor living area at home, and, increasingly, in work spaces. Thanks for reading!

  • Dottie,

    I hope you’re having a great week. I wanted to reach out to you to see if you would be open to accepting a guest post from me for your Outdoorlicious blog. I noticed in your blog how important the outdoors and backyards are to you. Managing the pests in our yard is a high priority and I’d love to submit a guest post about it.

    Now, don’t get me wrong, I love insects and discovering them when exploring with my two girls. However, there is a difference between an insect and a pest.

    If you’re willing to accept my guest post I’ll send it over shortly and can insure it will be of high quality, unique and interesting to you and your readers.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.


    Bryan Baker

    • Hi Bryan!
      I’d love to hear your thoughts on keeping annoying outdoor pests at bay and I’m sure others would be interested, as well. Please send it to me and I will take a look.
      Thanks for reading and thanks for reaching out!

  • Hi

    As I was rummaging around the web for interesting industry ideas I found your site. I looked
    over you entries, and you have some really neat content.

    It got me inspired to share my work with more then just my current following.

    I am the lead lifestyle and entertaining expert for openbrook.com, which is an outdoor furniture
    company. You can see more about me here. Basically I’m just the one who stays in the know
    for all things patio 😉

    What would you think about me writing an article or contributing on your site somehow? I think
    I could provide some great content for you.

    Please let me know!

    Hoping to hear from you soon. And more power to your site! 🙂

    -Ashleigh Lynn

    • Asheligh,
      You can send an article to me and I would be happy to review it. If it’s something that I believe would be aligned with my OUTDOORLICIOUS! theme and information which I think my readers would enjoy, or find of value, I would be happy to have a guest post. Remember, readers like photos!

  • Hello,
    I came across your blog and really enjoyed it. I think it would be a great match for some of the American made garden art I sell on my website. I would be happy to send you product samples if you would like to do a post or reveiw on them. You can take a look at some of our garden products at http://www.myplumscrumptious.com Let me know if you would be interested. Thanks for the time and best regards. I look forward to hearing from you.
    Ann Plum

  • Ross Halleck

    Do you ever cover topics or feature items not sold in Casual Living?

    • admin


      If you look at our recent posts you’ll see we often blog about outdoor events happening in our local area and feature great outdoor grilling recipes. We’ve also blogged about products that we don’t carry but we think would be of interest to our readers who love to live the Outdoorlicious! lifestyle.

  • Carson Heath

    Your Blog shows alot of class. This is excellent work.

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