A Memorable 4th of July Menu

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This week, everyone’s mind is on Saturday’s 4th of July celebrations. Our national holiday, the 4th of July, or more properly referred to as Independence Day, features a color scheme of red, white, and blue for everything from attire to house decorations and table settings to food.

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Whimsically Detailed

Nearly everyone attends a party or picnic where staples like hamburgers and hot dogs are universal favorites. However, with a few new recipes you can make your picnic stand out from the crowd.

Here are my selections for the 4th of July 2015:


First, let’s start everyone off with a Basil Lime Spritzer. This is a non-alcoholic beverage that all can enjoy. It’s a refreshing drink for a hot day and a good one to space in between the alcoholic beverages.

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Food and Wine

Appetizers usually run to chips and dips but for a more refined guest list (and those who choose healthier snacks), how about Grilled Radishes with Rosemary Brown Butter?

beet and potato chips


Of course, if the urge to bite into a crispy chip is too strong to ignore, you can make Red, White, and Blue Chips from baking potatoes, purple potatoes, and beets.

grilled pork tenderloin and figs, grilling recipes


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The Gardener and the Grill

If your group is relatively small, go for an entrée that rises above the typical. Grilled Pork Tenderloin with Fresh Fig Skewers is just the thing. The combination of pork with sweet is a traditional favorite and using locally grown, seasonally fresh produce is economical and healthy. This recipe is featured in The Gardener and the Grill Cookbook by Karen Adler and Judith Fertig.

red velvet cake,4th of July cake,4th of July dessert


To finish your star-studded menu, a blueberry and strawberry-topped red velvet cake is almost too pretty to eat. Not only will you have your guests eating out of your hand but you will be handing out recipes at the end of the evening, so be prepared with give-away recipe cards. Or, if you are the creative time-advantaged type, create a small do-it-yourself recipe/memory book of the day. Combine pictures, recipes, and a run-down of the day’s events and send it to all of your guests after your event. Online services such as Blurb, Bookemon, and Shutterfly are easy to use and relatively inexpensive. Look for coupons or Groupon for specials.

Happy Independence Day!

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