Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall…

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Mirror, mirror, on the wall…Once upon a time, mirrors were expensive and hard to come by. Many homes had no mirrors and people didn’t think about checking themselves out in the “looking glass”. They were hard-working people with a what-you-see-is-what-you-get attitude and owning a mirror seemed frivolous and unnecessary. Today, mirrors are found in nearly every room in the house and some rooms contain more than one. Used more for decoration than function in many instances, decorating with mirrors has become as common as hanging pictures on the wall.

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Often, they are hung at heights that no one except for a giant could possibly use. What’s the point? The answer is, the reflective value they provide. There is something about the reflection one sees in the mirror, even if that reflection is not of oneself, that is intriguing, interesting, and possibly, even, mesmerizing. Depending on what exactly is being reflected, you may find that you are drawn to the reflection in a way that the complete scene itself doesn’t compel you to stare.


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Imagine a room at night with a brightly lit chandelier, crystals refracting light into prisms of color and the light almost shimmering. When seen as part of the entire room, the chandelier is but one component of what is surely a beautiful room. But, when viewed through a mirror, that chandelier becomes a focal point and demands the scrutiny that is otherwise lost when shared with the other room decor.

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Successful decorating of an outdoor room or a garden requires the same thought and careful placement of furniture and accessories as the rooms inside. Yet, mirrors are rarely seen outside. Hung opposite a view, a mirror will reflect that view and allow it to be enjoyed from more vantage points than straight on facing the view (great for those situations where placing the backs of furniture to the view is necessary).

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In a garden, hang a mirror to reflect flowers and plants and you will feel as though you have twice as many as you actually have.

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When using pots on a porch or patio, place a mirror where the tall greenery will be reflected and you can use fewer plants but achieve the sense that you have more plants in the room. Fool the eye and your guests into believing there is something there that is not.

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Better Homes and Gardens

Mirrors expand a room, reflect light, and, if large enough, can visually make a small room appear larger. Mirrors can be a handy accessory in the outdoor room. Find one and play with it to see how it can alter your perspective, change your view, or enhance your world.

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Pots in the Outdoor Room

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Mary McDonald

Gazing on a beautiful landscape or terrific view while enjoying the patio, porch, or deck is often all one needs to feel calm and rested. No need for interaction with anyone or the distraction of anything, quietly sitting and appreciating the nature surrounding the outdoor room is enough.


Want a quick way to add a lot of zing to your outdoor room? Add pots: large pots, small pots, antique pots, earthy pots, brightly colored pots, do-it-yourself pots, or re-purposed pots. Find pots that fit your outdoor décor and maintain the theme you have selected . . . → Read More: Pots in the Outdoor Room

Pretty Pastels

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Early spring is the season we emerge from winter’s drabness and step into the world of color. As the sun moves higher overhead, more vibrant colors will begin to be more appealing as the sun’s rays will become stronger and ultimately, with the high position of the summer sun, wash out anything that is too pale.

Until summer, however, a gradual progression from soft to bold in the color palette gently eases us through the seasons. And, with Easter upon us, pastel colors seem to be the colors of the season.

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Add Color To Your Outdoor Room

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Are you more of a beige-type person or do you like lots of color surrounding you? While I love them both, I do find that adding at least a little color to an otherwise neutral outdoor room makes me feel more alive. Fortunately, in the outdoor landscape, color is everywhere so it’s not difficult to use the color of nature as an accessory.

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There is something to be said for keeping cushions on outdoor furniture neutral. The latest outdoor fabrics that are solution-dyed resist fading and damage from the weather. They are easily . . . → Read More: Add Color To Your Outdoor Room

Brown Jordan Celebrates 70 Years

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Brown Jordan

Happy birthday, Brown Jordan! Celebrating 70 years this year, Brown Jordan was an early pioneer in the emerging outdoor furniture industry that was developing in the mid twentieth century. Founded in Pasadena, California in 1945 by Robert Brown and Hubert Jordan, Brown Jordan has exemplified innovation, style, and luxury from the beginning. Quality of raw materials and construction techniques have allowed them to produce some of the most iconic outdoor furniture designs to date.

Brown Jordan

From wrought iron to cast aluminum and all-weather wicker to casual extruded aluminum, Brown Jordan offers a wide range . . . → Read More: Brown Jordan Celebrates 70 Years