Woodard Furniture, Always Classic


Woodard Furniture,wrought iron outdoor furniture,vintage outdoor furniture


Have you ever heard someone say that something “wears like iron”? The meaning is clear—that iron is a material that is heavy-duty and stands up to the test of time and, in the case of outdoor furniture, the test of Mother Nature.  Many of us grew up with wrought iron patio furniture that our parents bought and kept for what seemed a lifetime. In fact, many of those wrought iron sets have made their way onto our patios and into our care today.

One of the names that stands out in the world of wrought iron furniture is Woodard.  Since 1866, Woodard has produced wrought iron outdoor furniture at its factory in Owasso, Michigan. Founded first as the Owasso Casket Factory (they supplied the casket for President William McKinley), the company took turns as various types of manufacturers before settling in to their place as America’s leading producer of wrought iron furniture. Today, Woodard produces outdoor furniture in iron, aluminum, and all-season (man-made) wicker.

Woodard Furniture,outdoor furniture,wrought iron furniture

1st Dibs

Recently, I was visiting friends in Oregon. On the porch of their new home sat fifty year old Woodard furniture that had come from the friend’s boyhood home in New York. With new cushions and probably some re-painting over the years, the furniture looked right at home and was comfortable for us contemporary adults– and the roaming wild peacocks seemed to love it, too.

Woodard Furniture,wrought iron furniture,outdoor furniture,vintage wrought iron,vintage wrought iron furniture



Over the years, Woodard has produced outdoor furniture that has found homes in high places, as well as those backyards and porches of our own families.

President Bush, Woodard Furniture,wrought iron furniture,outdoor furniture

Recognizing the current popularity of mid-century styles in home décor, Woodard has decided to re-introduce the 1956 Sculptura Collection. Featuring woven wire and a now classic design, sources at Woodard reveal that this style has been requested frequently in the years since it was discontinued.

Woodard Furniture,outdoor furniture, wrought iron furniture,Sculptura


Found in antique stores and flea markets and snatched up by savvy shoppers and handy do-it-yourselfers, vintage wrought iron is always popular.  Usually requiring a fresh coat of paint, some new protective feet on the leg bottoms, and a new set of outdoor cushions, these pieces will continue to be used for another fifty years, or so. Now that’s an OUTDOORLICIOUS! investment.

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Taking the Bed Outside



Take your bed outside! A comfortable place to nap outside is high on the list of things we want in our outdoor living space. As our awake time is subjected to increasing demands and stimulation from electronic gadgetry, Americans are becoming a nation of sleep deprived people. Napping is a good way to rejuvenate, clear our heads, and energize. Researchers at the Mayo Clinic recommend an afternoon nap be between thirty and sixty minutes in length so as not to interfere with the more important, and longer, night time sleep. All you need to do is create . . . → Read More: Taking the Bed Outside

Pigskins and Patios

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Purdue University

Enjoying a college football game on one’s patio is one of the joys of autumn outdoor living. Attending the game in person is one of the great joys of college football. So, how do we do both? If you’re a Perdue fan, they’ve got you covered.

Renovation plans are in the works to revamp the Boilermakers’ south end zone but it will be some time before they are completed. In the meantime, the decision was made to remove the existing bleachers and install a temporary patio. 6100 bleachers were bulldozed and the space has been equipped with . . . → Read More: Pigskins and Patios

The Picnic Table Revisited

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Coastal Living

Outdoor furniture is stepping up its game with a new take on the old picnic table set. What used to be a plank-styled redwood or pine picnic table that came with two (often attached) benches, has become a fashion statement and never, ever called a picnic table any more.

Martha Stewart

Better Homes and Gardens

Picnic tables lost their appeal several decades ago as outdoor furniture styles increased in selection and styling. Not content to sit at a table with uncomfortable backless benches—not to mention on something that more than likely would give you splinters—homeowners . . . → Read More: The Picnic Table Revisited

Storage in the Outdoor Room

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Storage in the outdoor room can be a problem. It’s easy to find the furniture, accessories, and equipment to make your outdoor room your perfect get-away spot but where do you keep all of those things that you don’t want to leave out all of the time?

Baker’s racks offer shelving for display and for serving but they do not provide the closed storage that many of us are looking for.


Cushion storage chests are available in various materials (wood, man-made wicker, and recycled plastic) and, while they offer closed storage, they are large pieces that . . . → Read More: Storage in the Outdoor Room