Pigskins and Patios

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Purdue University

Enjoying a college football game on one’s patio is one of the joys of autumn outdoor living. Attending the game in person is one of the great joys of college football. So, how do we do both? If you’re a Perdue  fan, they’ve got you covered.

Renovation plans are in the works to revamp the Boilermakers’ south end zone but it will be some time before they are completed. In the meantime, the decision was made to remove the existing bleachers and install a temporary patio. 6100 bleachers were bulldozed and the space has been equipped with a 3200 square foot tent, several pergolas, and patio furniture. Six 46” televisions are placed so that fans can watch their team as well as other college games.

Purdue University,college football

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Tailgating food and beverages, including beer and wine, will be sold in the new patio area. Fans with season tickets and those students who purchase VIP cards will be allowed to enter this area. Is it a good idea? Let’s see… They removed seating for 6100 people and are providing space for 1500. From a ticket sales perspective, the math doesn’t indicate that this is a very profitable idea. However, the south end zone was primarily seating for fans of the visiting team and probably was not at capacity each game. When you figure in the revenue from the VIP passes and the sale of food and alcoholic beverages, they could be onto something. As this is only a temporary use of the space, it’s an ideal opportunity to experiment with something creative and unique. My bet is that fans will love this space and it may be the beginning of how athletic stadiums evolve into the future.

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With the addition of their outdoor patio at Ross-Ade Stadium, I proclaim Purdue University to have the most OUTDOORLICIOUS! college football stadium in America.outdoorlicious,outdoor living blog,about outdoor living,dottie reynolds, casual living



The Picnic Table Revisited

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Outdoor furniture is stepping up its game with a new take on the old picnic table set. What used to be a plank-styled redwood or pine picnic table that came with two (often attached) benches, has become a fashion statement and never, ever called a picnic table any more.

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Picnic tables lost their appeal several decades ago as outdoor furniture styles increased in selection and styling. Not content to sit at a table with uncomfortable backless benches—not to mention on something that more than likely would give you splinters—homeowners . . . → Read More: The Picnic Table Revisited

Storage in the Outdoor Room

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Storage in the outdoor room can be a problem. It’s easy to find the furniture, accessories, and equipment to make your outdoor room your perfect get-away spot but where do you keep all of those things that you don’t want to leave out all of the time?

Baker’s racks offer shelving for display and for serving but they do not provide the closed storage that many of us are looking for.


Cushion storage chests are available in various materials (wood, man-made wicker, and recycled plastic) and, while they offer closed storage, they are large pieces that . . . → Read More: Storage in the Outdoor Room

The Sky’s the Limit: Vertical Gardening

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You don’t have to have a large yard to have a big garden. Rather than going out, have you ever considered going up? Even in the tiniest of spaces, vertical gardening allows you to surround yourself with plants. And, one of the best things about vertical gardening is that the plants do double duty as a privacy screen from neighbors or unsightly views.

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Your vertical garden can be a simple trellis with the plants firmly rooted in ground soil or a pot but options are available where the soil is actually contained within a vertical . . . → Read More: The Sky’s the Limit: Vertical Gardening

Let it Rain! Sunbrella Rain Outdoor Fabric is here.

Sunbrella Rain Outdoor Fabric


Let it rain! It’s hard to believe that Sunbrella outdoor fabrics really hold up to moisture, mildew, dirt, and sun but they do. With solution-dyed yarns woven to create the fabric, the color is “locked” in.


The best way to describe this process is to imagine a carrot. Once the orange outer layer is peeled away, the carrot remains orange inside. Other fabrics, such as printed fabrics, which are not solution-dyed have the color applied on the surface, so when the strong rays of the sun continually bear down on them, the color fades away. These . . . → Read More: Let it Rain! Sunbrella Rain Outdoor Fabric is here.