Recycled Tires for Outdoor Use

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Recycling and adaptive reuse are buzz words in the design industry. Finding a way to use discarded materials in the creation of something new is design chic. Although not a new idea ( designers and do-it-yourself-ers have always searched for ways to use found materials to keep costs down and many artists have been known to reuse previously painted canvases), it has become desirable to gain recognition for creatively adapting cast-offs into something totally different than the original intended use.

It is estimated that more than three billion tires worldwide are disposed of each year. That’s a good place to start looking for a material to use for a new project—any many designers have.

Recycled tires become outdoor furniture …

recycled tire,outdoor furniture,tire furniture


recycled tires,outdoor furniture


Playground equipment…

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recycled tire planter

Grupo Bio


recycled tires

This one is an all-in-one: planter, sculpture, and, possibly seating…

recycled tires

Invasion Verde

As you can see, tires can be so much more than the part of the car that allows us to roll down the road. There’s an afterlife that awaits old tread which may just include a place in your backyard.

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Fall Colors

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Fall colors…Say those two words and almost everyone knows exactly what you mean. An image of trees in their autumn splendor comes to mind and from there thoughts continue and make the connection with pumpkins, corn, and gourds.

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With all of the color that nature has to offer in our yards, it may not be necessary to decorate our outdoor rooms with those colors but having those colors present certainly adds to the autumnal ambiance.

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What is Powder Coat Paint?

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Georgia Powder Coat

Today, most newly purchased metal outdoor furniture is powder-coated but what exactly does that mean and why is it important?

Powder coating is a paint process that applies dry paint in powder form to a metal surface. The paint is electrostatically charged and the positively charged paint clings to the negatively charged surface. Multiple coats of the powder coat may be applied before baking the painted piece in a hot oven. The resulting finish is smooth, even, and more durable than the wet paint you would use at home.

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Outdoor Halloween Decorating

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If you haven’t decorated the front of your house yet for Halloween, my bet is that you aren’t going to. But, really, how about just a pumpkin or a wreath or something to show the world your spirit? I love Halloween but I do understand that there are those for whom this particular holiday holds no appeal. But, people expect to see some little hint of acknowledgement of this crazy and fun holiday.

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Overhead Garage Doors

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Overhead garage doors have been used in commercial (especially restaurant) renovations for years. Often, an old garage has been renovated and the choice has been made to keep the overhead door in order to open up the building to an outside terrace or sidewalk. Once the door is lifted up and out of the way, diners may enjoy the fresh air and the transition between inside and out is seamless.

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