Yes, You Can Use Outdoor Furniture Inside


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Do you have a house full of kids, a collection of pets, or simply desire easy care furnishings inside your home? Then, selecting outdoor furniture to use inside may be for you.

There is absolutely no reason that you cannot use outdoor furniture inside if you like. So what if the frame is metal or the wicker isn’t natural (“real”)? The benefits of these frame choices will make you look like a savvy shopper when your furniture is still looking good as your friends’ furniture is showing signs of wear and tear. Not to mention the great styles available in outdoor furniture today!

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Don’t buy the whole set—matching sofa, chairs, and tables. Buy a key piece, or two, and mix them with indoor furniture to create a unique look. And choose solution-dyed outdoor fabrics to cover everything. The ability to easily spot clean upholstery is a life-saver when kids and pets (and sometimes accident-prone adults) have those bound to happen oops moments. When a major cleaning is in order, simply take the covers off the cushions and throw them in the wash (make sure you follow fabric care instructions). You’ll be so enthusiastic you may decide to have more kids—well, at least you won’t regret the pets so much.

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Consider outdoor area rugs, too. A good quality polypropylene outdoor rug will not only stand up to daily wear and tear but can be cleaned outside with a hose. Reasonably priced, an outdoor rug makes a lot of sense in the kitchen, hallway, family room, play room, or a child’s room. Even with cleaning, a rug is bound to show signs of age in high traffic areas, so making a small investment in one that you can replace when needed doesn’t hurt so much.

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The Rug Market

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The Rug Market

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With a houseful of upholstered and wood furniture, it may be time to introduce something a bit different, after all, eclectic is a much sought-after design style. Try some all-weather wicker chairs at the dining table.

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Wrought iron café chairs evoke a Parisian café.

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An iron or aluminum bench is sturdy and features the same type of finish that your automobile sports—tough and enduring.

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Iron or steel barstools are a good choice at the kitchen counter.

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With all of the great designs and improvements in outdoor furniture and fabrics, why not consider this fashion-forward furniture when it comes to decorating inside? It may be the best decision you make in terms of easy maintenance and value for investment.

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