Outdoorlicious Holiday Decor

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As I drive home from work each evening, I find that it takes me a little longer to get home this time of year. Swiveling my head from side to side, I drive more slowly or take a longer route in order to take in each home’s outdoorlicious holiday décor.

outdoor holiday decor

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Captivating lights, both white and multi colored, make everything bright and cheerful-looking. Lights on the house, outlining the roofline or around the windows and doors would be tacky at any other time of the year but get a thumbs up at Christmas.

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Lighted wreaths, garlands, and swags scream, “Look at me!” and I do.

Lights wrapped around trees cast Mother Nature’s natural gifts as part of the holiday display.  So simple and yet so stunning.

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Pots filled with greenery, balls, and ribbons are called into service to be part of the holiday decorations.

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outdoor holiday decor, decorated pots

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Old, found, or perhaps simply unused, items find their way into the holiday décor mix, as well. A sled propped against the house tied with ribbons and greenery makes a creative display.

outdoor holiday decor


A wheelbarrow used as a container to hold a Christmas tree is a clever use of an everyday object found in any gardener’s yard.

outdoor holiday decor

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Whether brightly colored, or natural, outdoor holiday décor serves as your Christmas card to the world wishing all who pass by a Merry Christmas.

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The Tea Cart

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Tea cart…serving cart…bar cart…Whatever you call it, it is a handy thing to have in your outdoor dining room.

Charleston Gardens

No matter how large your table is, there is never enough room to accommodate all of the food and beverages. A piece of furniture dedicated to this purpose makes entertaining easier.


Use it for the main dishes after serving, water pitcher, desserts, or as a bar with bottles and glasses. The possibilities are endless.


When not in use as a serving piece, the tabletop surface is an ideal place for decorative accessories, candles, . . . → Read More: The Tea Cart

The First Thanksgiving, Outdoorlicious?

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In my mind’s eye, I picture the first Thanksgiving being held outside with native Americans and recent English immigrants (dressed like Pilgrims) milling around outside on a beautiful, sunny day, with autumn leaves blazing in all their glorious color in the bright sunshine. But, let’s think a moment. Although an exact date for the first Thanksgiving is unknown, it is known that it was celebrated in November of 1621 in what is now part of the state of Massachusetts. Have you ever been to Massachusetts in November? While it can be pleasant outside, it is not normally . . . → Read More: The First Thanksgiving, Outdoorlicious?

Recycled Tires for Outdoor Use

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Recycling and adaptive reuse are buzz words in the design industry. Finding a way to use discarded materials in the creation of something new is design chic. Although not a new idea ( designers and do-it-yourself-ers have always searched for ways to use found materials to keep costs down and many artists have been known to reuse previously painted canvases), it has become desirable to gain recognition for creatively adapting cast-offs into something totally different than the original intended use.

It is estimated that more than three billion tires worldwide are disposed of each year. That’s a . . . → Read More: Recycled Tires for Outdoor Use

Fall Colors

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Fall colors…Say those two words and almost everyone knows exactly what you mean. An image of trees in their autumn splendor comes to mind and from there thoughts continue and make the connection with pumpkins, corn, and gourds.

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With all of the color that nature has to offer in our yards, it may not be necessary to decorate our outdoor rooms with those colors but having those colors present certainly adds to the autumnal ambiance.

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Warm colors of red, orange, brown and gold suggest fall. . . . → Read More: Fall Colors