Outdoor Halloween Decorating

Halloween decor,outdoor holiday decor,outdoor Halloween decorating

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If you haven’t decorated the front of your house yet for Halloween, my bet is that you aren’t going to.  But, really, how about just a pumpkin or a wreath or something to show the world your spirit? I love Halloween but I do understand that there are those for whom this particular holiday holds no appeal. But, people expect to see some little hint of acknowledgement of this crazy and fun holiday.

I can’t let this week’s blog post go by without a nod to all of the creative and industrious (and most definitely spirited) people who transform their yards, homes, and porches for Halloween. Here are a few of my favorites:

A simple wheelbarrow filled with dirt and some partially uncovered bones can be strategically placed for maximum effect.

Halloween decorating

Better Homes and Gardens

A series of skeletons placed together and positioned to appear as if they are invading the house is eye-catching.

Halloween decorating,outdoor Halloween decorating

Halloween Costumes

Headstones lining the path from the street to the house are sure to be seen and help trick-or-treaters use the path to your house rather than the short cut through the flower bed.

Halloween decorating,outdoor Halloween decorating


Multiple pumpkins of gradating sizes are enhanced with legs and eyes to create this cute garden bug. Nothing to fear here.

Halloween decorating,pumpkin decorating

The Garden Glove.com

Using chicken wire and white glow-in-the-dark spray paint, you can create eerie see through ghosts.

Halloween decorating,Halloween ghosts

This Old House

Tasteful is always good. Pumpkins, autumn wreaths, bats, spiders, and owls are all acceptable porch and door décor that show you celebrate the holiday but are  not necessarily into the fright aspect of it.

Halloween decor,outdoor Halloween decorating


Halloween decor,outdoor Halloween decorating

Country Living

One of my favorites is this DIY ghost circle from Listotic.com. Dancing ghosts are holding “hands” and dancing in the breeze. Accompanied by Halloween music, this should entertain people of all ages. It will probably keep any stray animals out of the yard, too!

Halloween decorating,Halloween DIY,DIY ghosts


Happy Halloween!

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Overhead Garage Doors

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home edit

Overhead garage doors have been used in commercial (especially restaurant) renovations for years. Often, an old garage has been renovated and the choice has been made to keep the overhead door in order to open up the building to an outside terrace or sidewalk. Once the door is lifted up and out of the way, diners may enjoy the fresh air and the transition between inside and out is seamless.

Today, we are seeing more and more residential renovations in which an overhead garage door is included for the same reason—to provide a large opening that makes . . . → Read More: Overhead Garage Doors

Cooking Outside

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When I was growing up, my parents had a very basic charcoal grill. And, although it had a rotisserie which my mother used what seemed like every Sunday to make her delicious rotisserie chicken, its use beyond that was rather limited to hot dogs, hamburgers, and the occasional steak.


Bon Appetit

Today, grill options seem endless—and growing. In grills, you have a choice of charcoal, gas, or electric. Beyond that, you can outfit your deck or patio with devices to cook your food in other ways, as well: smokers, fryers, and, of course, for . . . → Read More: Cooking Outside

The Doormat

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The simple doormat that lies at your exterior (front, back, or side) door, gets quite a workout but very little recognition. Almost everyone has at least one. Each day, we step on it when we leave the house, and again when we enter. Multiply that by all of the people and pets going in and out of the house each day and you have one very abused doormat.

As part of the entrance to you home, the doormat is quite important and should have an elevated status comparable to its job. But it also must be able . . . → Read More: The Doormat

Extend the Outdoor Living Season

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architecture and design

Fall is one of the best seasons to enjoy outdoor living. After the heat of the summer, the cooler temperatures that autumn brings are a welcome relief. As the thermometer continues its march down the degree markers, you’ll want to consider ways to extend the outdoor living season even longer.

One of the first things I recommend adding, if you don’t already have one, is an area rug. The warmth under your feet also provides insulation which holds in heat on a porch. Placed under the seating and dining groups, an outdoor rug makes those areas . . . → Read More: Extend the Outdoor Living Season