Mountain Style

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Charles Faudree via Traditional Home

Decorating the outdoor living room of a home in the mountains is an opportunity to play up a theme of natural elements, wildlife, and the rugged outdoors. Stronger colors and heavier textures are generally associated with the mountains.

outdoor furniture,outdoor living,mountain style,mountain living,mountain decorating,outdoor decorating

William T. Baker

Natural and “of the place” are often the desired materials in the design and decoration of homes in the mountains. Stone is a prevalent building material for mountain architecture and design. Random shapes, imperfect edges, and rough textures are more suitable in the rugged and less refined mountain lifestyle than finely honed or perfectly cut stone.

outdoor living,outdoor furniture,mountain style,mountain living,mountain decorating

Kathryn Long, ASID

Wood is another building material that is prevalent in mountain design. Living among the trees provides a handy source of wood but also sparks the desire to marry the design and decoration to the surrounding area. Wood siding, floors, ceilings, railings, and even furniture are popular choices when decorating the mountain home. Outdoor furnishings which simulate the rough and natural look of wood will find a ready-made home here.

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Canadian Log Homes

Adirondack furniture was designed in the mountains of New York and, while used in every imaginable décor from coast to coast, they are of the mountains and a classic for use in a mountain aerie. Whether lined up on a porch in order to take advantage of a far-reaching vista or gathered around a fire pit, the Adirondack chair, like the porch rocker, is a must-have.

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Traditional Home

Choose natural or subdued colors for the mountains like brown, grey, faded or denim blue, or dark, earthy green. For bolder color, consider red but stay away from shades that are too vibrant, such as cherry, fire engine, or Chinese. Think of the color of old barns or tin roofs when searching for the perfect red to achieve the easygoing and harmonious balance of a natural décor.

outdoor living,outdoor furniture,porch,mountain living

Traditional Home

Accessorizing the mountain home opens the door to many themes that you may not necessarily choose to use anywhere else. Items which look collected, found, or have an aged patina lend themselves to the mountain theme. Antlers have become more mainstream in decorating and are found in homes everywhere but adding a couple to the mountain home allows more room to speculate that they were found rather than hunted and used as a trophy. Fishing, another hobby often pursued in the mountains, provides a source for decor theme in the mountain home, as well.

outdoor furniture,outdoor living,mountain style,mountain living,mountain decorating,outdoor decorating

Martha Stewart

Heavier textures in fabrics match the heavier scale of the furnishings. Plaids, wide stripes, and textures find balance as well as adding warmth, familiarity, and comfort to the mountain house décor. Large buffalo plaids and wide stripes are reminiscent of wool blankets used long ago. Simple and bold, they add pattern and color without detracting from the scenery.

outdoor furniture,outdoor living,mountain style,mountain living,mountain decor,outdoor decor

Crisp Architects

Relaxed, informal, comfortable, and easy to care for are the design ideals to strive for when decorating the mountain home. Consider building and furnishing materials which will successfully maintain these ideals.  And, remember to loosen up a little and have some fun when decorating your mountain home.

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The Girl’s Guide to BTU’s

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What’s the big deal with a BTU? What is it about these three little letters that get your guy excited and on a mission to find the biggest BTU’s so that he can out BTU his friends? Heck, what is a BTU?


BTU stands for British thermal unit and measures the amount of work necessary to raise the temperature of 1 lb. of water by 1 degree Fahrenheit. As a visual reference, imagine one 4” wooden kitchen match burning until totally consumed—that is approximately 1 BTU. Now, imagine 50,000 of them and you get the picture.

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Kreoo Outdoor Furniture

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Sometimes you just have to think outside the box. Designer Enzo Berti has done just that in creating unusual and uniquely designed outdoor furniture for Kreoo, an Italian company which specializes in contemporary marble furniture.

Inspired by nature and the natural elements in the environment, Berti’s designs are sleek, sexy, and barely recognizable as furniture. At first glance, it would be easy to assume that his creations are sculptural artwork. And, while they are sculptural and could serve as art for the garden, he has gone one step further and created sculpture that is multi-functional– meant to be . . . → Read More: Kreoo Outdoor Furniture

Decorating the Entry for Halloween

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It’s all about the front entry when it comes to Halloween. Make it scary, spooky, or frightening–you know, welcoming! (Just don’t leave them up too long.)





Happy Halloween!


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Orange is the New Red in Outdoor Decorating

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House Beautiful

Orange may be the new black on a certain television show, but this bold color has been gaining popularity in home fashion, too. For years, red has been the dominant warm fashion accent color but for the past several seasons, orange has been taking some of red’s turf.

Pier One

Exuding warmth and happiness, orange causes spontaneity and adventure. This color inspires us to take risks, have confidence and offers emotional strength which can help us through difficult times.

Hotel Escondido

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