Sealander Caravan

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It’s a camper. It’s a boat. It’s Sealander.

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A combination pull-behind trailer and amphibious vehicle, Sealander caravan is a camper and boat all in one.

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Developed and built in Germany, the Sealander caravan meets world-wide safety standard for use on both land and water.

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Lightweight and mobile, Sealander caravans include a convertible sunroof, telescopic swim ladder, a stainless steel handrail for safe boarding, and benches that convert to a bed.

Available custom options include: colors, toilet, cooler, sound system, and barbeque.


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While a Sealander caravan is not inexpensive, the multifunctional design negates the need for two separate vehicles. Easy to attach to your car, simply hook it up and go. If you find that you have arrived at a place that has a welcoming water feature that you would like to enjoy, you’re prepared. So easy!

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Up on the Roof

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Hotel Pulitzer, Barcelona

I had the pleasure of staying at the Hotel Pulitzer in Barcelona last week. One of the reasons I selected this hotel was because the images I viewed online when making my hotel selection indicated that they have a rooftop terrace. The beautiful design of the hotel and superb location were nearly enough to make me commit but it was the rooftop terrace that convinced me to click the RESERVE button. Now that I have returned and had the great pleasure of staying at this lovely hotel, I can add that the staff is friendly, helpful, . . . → Read More: Up on the Roof

Feng Shui Outside Your Home

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Melbourne Landscape Design

In Chinese culture, Feng Shui has been used for thousands of years as a process which helps humans find balance and harmony in their relationship with the natural world. Feng means wind and shui means water, both of which are associated with good health in the Chinese culture. The purpose of feng shui is to help balance the energies of any space to ensure the health and good fortune of those inhabiting the space.

The earth is alive with energy (positive and negative), or chi (also known as Qi) and sometimes energies are at odds with . . . → Read More: Feng Shui Outside Your Home

Beige is Not Boring

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Traditional Home

Beige is what most people think of when the words neutral and color are used together. While it is true that beige is a neutral color, many colors can be considered neutral backgrounds upon which to layer additional colors, or not. And, while many people consider neutral to be synonymous with boring, a neutral classification does not have to be boring at all.

A World of Dream Homes

Beige has universal appeal and is accepted by most people as a color that they can work with even if it is not their first choice. Adding colorful . . . → Read More: Beige is Not Boring

A Memorable 4th of July Menu

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Everything Coastal

This week, everyone’s mind is on Saturday’s 4th of July celebrations. Our national holiday, the 4th of July, or more properly referred to as Independence Day, features a color scheme of red, white, and blue for everything from attire to house decorations and table settings to food.

Whimsically Detailed

Nearly everyone attends a party or picnic where staples like hamburgers and hot dogs are universal favorites. However, with a few new recipes you can make your picnic stand out from the crowd.

Here are my selections for the 4th of July 2015:

First, let’s start . . . → Read More: A Memorable 4th of July Menu