The Grown-Up Bean Bag Chair


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Coat New Zealand

Remember bean bag chairs? Amorphous bags filled with polystyrene “beans”, bean bag chairs were the staple of every college dorm, teenager’s room, and home playroom. They were fun to roll around on and getting comfortable was simply a matter of wiggling around until the bag conformed to your body. Easy, simple, and basic, bean bag furniture was inexpensive, portable, and easily replaced when necessary.

outdoor furniture,outdoor living,beanbag chair

Coast New Zealand

Most of us have moved on from our bean bag days, or have we?

outdoor living,outdoor furniture,bean bag chair

Coast New Zealand

Coast New Zealand makes luxury bean bag chairs for grown-ups. Using Sunbrella marine fabrics and following through with the highest attention to detail and finishing techniques, the Coast lineup of outdoor bean bag furniture is made to last through years of constant exposure to the elements and everyday use.

outdoor furniture,outdoor living,beanbag chair

Coast New Zealand

The Coast client list boasts a bevy of high end resorts in exotic locations throughout the world. Also finding a home on the finest super yachts that sail the globe, Coast bean bag furniture seems to be a hit with tony grown-ups who just wanna have fun.

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Throw One On

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Glen Raven

When it comes to making products for the outdoor room which are able to withstand the weather, the sky is the limit. Furniture, lamps, rugs, art work, accessories, candles, and, now, throws have found a niche in the outdoor market.

Kandrac_Kole and Glen Raven Mills

Textillery Weavers, long a producer of fine quality hand-woven throws used inside the home, has partnered with Glen Raven Mills to offer outdoor throws using Sunbrella yarns. Known for its resistance to fading and easy cleaning, Sunbrella fabric is the uber-outdoor fabric with nearly bullet-proof qualities.

Glen Raven

Using Sunbrella . . . → Read More: Throw One On

Garden Show As Outdoor Living Resource

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Northwest Flower Show

The temperature may be on the chilly side and the calendar tells us that we are in the middle of winter but that is no reason to let your thoughts of outdoor living lie dormant. Though most of the plants in the yard may be hibernating, it is exactly the right time to be making plans for your warm weather outdoor living retreat.

Philadelphia Garden Show

The early months of the year bring home and garden shows of every kind to every corner of the country. Wherever you live, you will find a garden show . . . → Read More: Garden Show As Outdoor Living Resource

HGTV Dream Home Sweepstakes

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Since 1997, HGTV has given away a breathtakingly beautiful, fully furnished home in a jaw-dropping location. On January 1, the location of this year’s HGTV Dream Home sweepstakes was revealed with photos of the future home of one lucky winner. And the winning location is…Merritt Island, Florida, located on Florida’s east coast in Brevard County. Nearby, the new resident will be able to visit the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge and the Kennedy Space Center—not bad neighbors.


This year’s home offers a departure from those of the past. Rather than build a new home, an existing . . . → Read More: HGTV Dream Home Sweepstakes

Warm Up Your Winter Outdoor Living

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After reveling in an unusually warm fall and early winter (and a Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday that was more Miami than South Carolina), we have felt the arctic blast that one normally associates with winter. Not happy. Baby, it’s cold out there!

Midwest Living

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All you can do is suck it up, dress warmly, keep your hands wrapped around a mug of hot whatever, find a warm spot in the sun and make up your mind to enjoy winter outdoor living.

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Use this opportunity to create a . . . → Read More: Warm Up Your Winter Outdoor Living