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Overhead garage doors have been used in commercial (especially restaurant) renovations for years. Often, an old garage has been renovated and the choice has been made to keep the overhead door in order to open up the building to an outside terrace or sidewalk. Once the door is lifted up and out of the way, diners may enjoy the fresh air and the transition between inside and out is seamless.

Today, we are seeing more and more residential renovations in which an overhead garage door is included for the same reason—to provide a large opening that makes integration and use of the indoor and outdoor spaces of the home easy and unobstructed.

overhead garage door,indoor-outdoor living

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While most people would think of an overhead garage door in the living area of their home as a contemporary element, an overhead garage door can be placed in a traditional style home with great success as long as other design or decorating features are included to balance this one otherwise odd design element.

overhead garage door, indoor-outdoor living

Jeffery Broadhurst, Broadhurst-Shack at Hinkle Farm

Regardless of type of overhead garage door selected (metal, wood, or fiberglass), adding one to any home will add an industrial style element to the design. Many people think of a loft when they see one used in a residential living space and those who are drawn to the idea of urban loft-living often view this one addition as a way to capture that ambiance. Although I’m not sure many are used in urban lofts, the association of the two seems to go together.

overhead garage door,indoor-outdoor living

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One thing to consider before including one in your home design is the insulation factor. Notorious for not being well insulated, most garage doors are installed in the garage, a space that is, traditionally, neither heated nor cooled so this is not typically an issue. However, it is possible to get thicker doors with an increased R-factor in order to help control energy loss.

overhead garage door,indoor-outdoor living

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If you are looking for a less expensive alternative to a folding glass window wall, consider adding an overhead door. Many of your friends won’t be bold enough to include one in their home but they will all comment on how cool they think you are.outdoorlicious,outdoor living blog,about outdoor living,dottie reynolds, casual living



Cooking Outside

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When I was growing up, my parents had a very basic charcoal grill. And, although it had a rotisserie which my mother used what seemed like every Sunday to make her delicious rotisserie chicken, its use beyond that was rather limited to hot dogs, hamburgers, and the occasional steak.


Bon Appetit

Today, grill options seem endless—and growing. In grills, you have a choice of charcoal, gas, or electric. Beyond that, you can outfit your deck or patio with devices to cook your food in other ways, as well: smokers, fryers, and, of course, for . . . → Read More: Cooking Outside

The Doormat

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The simple doormat that lies at your exterior (front, back, or side) door, gets quite a workout but very little recognition. Almost everyone has at least one. Each day, we step on it when we leave the house, and again when we enter. Multiply that by all of the people and pets going in and out of the house each day and you have one very abused doormat.

As part of the entrance to you home, the doormat is quite important and should have an elevated status comparable to its job. But it also must be able . . . → Read More: The Doormat

Extend the Outdoor Living Season

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Fall is one of the best seasons to enjoy outdoor living. After the heat of the summer, the cooler temperatures that autumn brings are a welcome relief. As the thermometer continues its march down the degree markers, you’ll want to consider ways to extend the outdoor living season even longer.

One of the first things I recommend adding, if you don’t already have one, is an area rug. The warmth under your feet also provides insulation which holds in heat on a porch. Placed under the seating and dining groups, an outdoor rug makes those areas . . . → Read More: Extend the Outdoor Living Season

Chicago Casual Furniture Market 2014

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International Casual Furniture Show Chicago 2014

Last week I attended the International Casual Furniture Market in Chicago. This is the show where buyers like me have the opportunity to view what is new in the industry and choose those things that we feel our customers would like to see on our floors in the following season. While I can’t say that things change radically from one season to the next, there are trends that emerge and visibly grow from one year to another.

New Introductions

Color is continuing to strengthen in its use on more than just . . . → Read More: Chicago Casual Furniture Market 2014